Finalist Information

Congratulations on being a finalist for the 2014 Bay State Summer Games. This page contains general information for all finalist athletes. All sport and competition specific information can be found on your sport specific page. 

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Athletes must pay their Finalist Fee by the deadlines listed below:

Baseball - July 3rd                                    Soccer - July 10th
Basketball - July 14th                              Softball - July 10th
Field Hockey - July 10th                         Swimming - July 7th                   
Ice Hockey - July 7th                               Track & Field - July 15th

Lacrosse - July 10th                                Volleyball - July 9th      


Finals Schedule                                         Baseball Scouting Questionnaire       

General Finalist Packet                           Baseball Legion Release Form


Finalist Information Packets



Field Hockey     


Boys Ice Hockey

Girls Ice Hockey




Track & Field



**Paying the finalist fee does not automatically declare an athlete as a finalist. Athletes must make the finals roster, or qualify at a regional meet to be considered a finalist. The Bay State Games will monitor all finalist fees submitted and confirm athletes have made the finals. If a non-finalist athlete pays the finalist fee, their fee will be refunded at the conclusion of the Summer Games minus a administrative processing fee.** 

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