Competition has been canceled due to lack of participation





In order to be eligible, athletes must meet ONE of the following criteria:

1.  A full-time Massachusetts resident at least 30 days prior to the event

2.  A full-time student at an academic institution in Massachusetts

3.  Current league bowler at a Massachusetts Bowling Center

4.  Full-time resident of an adjoining state to Massachusetts that does not have

      its own state games or has a state games that does not include bowling. (NY, VT, NH, ME, RI)


All ages are as of Sunday, February 25, 2018. Males and Females will compete together.

Juniors                Age 6 - 12  

Scholastic            Age 13 - 18

Open                     Age 19 - 34     

Masters                Age 35 & older                


There will be two divisions in each age grooup.

Handicap (Junior, Scholastic, Open & Masters)

Handicap is based on 90% of 210 (example: a 150 bowler. 210-150 = 60. 60 x 90% = 54 pin handicap). 


The Bay State Games Bowling competition is a Ten Pin event only. Participants may only bowl in their own age group. They cannot move up.  USBC Rules will apply. The tournament will be sanctioned / approved by USABC.


Singles competition only. Junior and Scholastic Bowlers will bowl four games across eight lanes for qualifying. Open and Masters will bowl five games across ten lanes for qualifying. The field will then be cut in each division for a step ladder final.

Competition director reserves right to break down age groups into average divisions to make for a more competitive tournament.


All registered athletes will play a minimum number of games. All participants will receive a Bay State Winter Games t-shirt. The top three athletes in division and event will receive the appropriate Gold, Silver or Bronze Bay State Games medal and a Bay State Games award gift.

Entry Deadline   

The pre-registration deadline is Friday, February 16, 2018

Day of the event registration will be allowed for an additional $10 fee.



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