High School Showcases

What is a High School Showcase?

The Bay State Summer Games High School Showcases are one of the best opportunities in the state for High School athletes to represent their region and show their skills to collegiate coaches and scouts. The High School Showcases take place in July during the Summer Games, and the following sports are offered.

Girls Basketball
Field Hockey
Ice Hockey
Boys Lacrosse

What is the structure of a High School Showcase?

For the Bay State Games High School Showcases the state is divided into six regions. These regions are Metro, Northeast, Southeast, Coastal, Central, and West. To find out what region your town is located in please click here. Athletes tryout for their regional team during the month of June. Athletes who are selected for their regional team will participate in the finals in July.

What are the steps to participating in a High School Showcase?

1. Determine Your Region

  • Click here to find out what region your town is located in
  • Athletes may also use the town their school is located in for eligibility. If the athlete's hometown and school are in different regions, they must pick one region to tryout for.

2. Register For Tryouts

  • Visit your sport specific page by clicking on a link above to register for your regional tryout

3. Attend Tryouts for your Region

4. Team Selection

5. Pay your Finalist Fee

  • Athletes who are selected for the Finals Roster must pay their finalist fee prior to attending the finals. Athletes have until 48 hours before the start of competition to pay their Finalist Fee. Visit the Finalist Fee page to pay your fee.

6. Attend Practices

7. Participate in the Finals competition

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