Ice Hockey Showcase


July 10th - 13th, 2014


Foxboro Sports Center - Foxboro, MA

Entry Fees

$65 Tryout Fee    

$250 Finalist Fee for Boys 

$200 Finalist Fee for Girls
*Before the deadline, see below for details




Boy's Showcase - 9th, 10th or 11th grade as of the 2013 - 2014 academic year
Girl's Showcase - 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th, grade as of the 2013 - 2014 academic year



An athlete must meet at least one of the following criteria

  • A full time resident of Massachusetts
  • A full time student at a recognized academic institution in the region



Boy's Showcase

  • Each game will consist of three, 20 minute periods with ice makes after each period

  • If there is a doubleheader, the second game of the day will consist of two, 25 minute periods

  • Each team will play one doubleheader 

Girl's Showcase

  • All games will consist of three, 15 minute periods with ice makes after each period 


Regional Teams

Boy's Showcase - (1) Metro, (2) Northeast, (3) Southeast, (4) Coastal, (5) Central, (6) West

Girl's Showcase - (1) Metro, (2) Northeast, (3/4) Southeast/ Coastal, (5/6) Central/West

To determine your region please Click Here 


Entry Fees

Tryout Fees


$65 after June 1st     


All athletes must register online prior to attending tryouts. No registrations will be accepted at the first tryout. 

Finalist Fees 

$250 Finalist Fee for Boys* 

$200 Finalist Fee for Girls* 

*For athletes who qualify for team 


Tryout Rules 

  • Tryouts will be held in June
  • Athletes must participate in a minimum of one (1) tryout to be considered for the team.

All athletes are encouraged to attend as many tryouts as possible so they can be accurately evaluated. However, only one tryout is required to be placed on a finals roster. 

If you cannot attend the first tryout listed, please contact your region's coach for additional tryout information. 


Tryout Dates

Tryout dates, times, and locations will be posted as soon as they are received. All tryouts are one hour unless otherwise noted

Boys Metro
June 6th:  5:30pm  @ Burlington Ice Palace 
June 8th:  9:30am  @ 
Burlington Ice Palace
June 13th:  5:00pm  @ Cronin Ice Rink - Revere 
June 15th:  10:30am  @ Cronin Ice Rink - Revere 

Tryouts Concluded - Practice Schedule Below
June 22nd:  10:30am  @  Cronin Ice Rink - Revere
June 28th:  9:00am  @  Burlington Ice Palace
July 1st:  6:30pm  @  Burlington Ice Palace
July 6th:  7:00pm  @  Cronin Ice Rink - Revere


Boys Northeast
June 1st:  8:30am @  Burlington Ice Palace 
June 6th:  4:30pm @  Burlington Ice Palace 
June 8th:  2:30pm @  Burlington Ice Palace 

Boys Southeast
June 25th:  5:00  @  Raynham IcePlex
June 27th:  6:00  @  Raynham IcePlex
June 29th:  10:30am  @  Raynham IcePlex

Boys Coastal
June 2nd: 6:30pm  @ Armstrong Skating Rink - Plymouth 
June 3rd: 8:30pm  @ Armstrong Skating Rink- Plymouth 
June 6th: 6:00pm  @ Armstrong Skating Rink - Plymouth 

Boys Central
Tryouts Concluded - Practice Schedule Below
June 20th:  4:00  @  Buffone Arena - Worcester 
June 26th:  3:30
  @  Buffone Arena - Worcester 
July 2nd:  6:00 - 8:00  @  Buffone Arena - Worcester 
July 6th:  6:00  @  Buffone Arena - Worcester 
July 9th:  4:00  @  Buffone Arena - Worcester 

Boys West
June 1st: 10:50 - 12:40  @  Smead Arena - Springfield 
June 8th:  
10:50 - 12:40  @  Smead Arena - Springfield
June 15th:  
10:50 - 12:40  @  Smead Arena - Springfield


Girls Metro
June 13th:  5:30pm  @  Burlington Ice Palace
June 14th:  10:00am - 12:00pm  @  Burlington Ice Palace 
June 15th:  9:30am  @  Cronin Ice Rink - Revere 

Girls Northeast
June 1st:  10:30am @  
Cronin Ice Rink - Revere 
June 6th:  5:00pm  @  Cronin Ice Rink - Revere 
June 8th:  10:30am @  Cronin Ice Rink - Revere 

Girls Southeast/Coastal
June 9th:  5:00  @  Raynham IcePlex
June 13th:  6:00  @  Raynham IcePlex
June 15th:  10:00 - 11:30  @  Raynham IcePlex

Girls Central/West
June 2nd: 7:30  @  Navin Arena - Marlboro
June 5th: 6:20  @  Navin Arena - Marlboro
June 12th 6:20  @  Navin Arena - Marlboro




Boys Coaches

Metro - Chris Gianatassio
Northeast - Bob Conceison Jr. 
Southeast - Brian Smith
Coastal - Bryan Erikson
Central - Al Mucci
West - Bob Newton 

Girls Coaches

Metro - Josh Glionna
Northeast - Anthony Martucci 
Southeast / Coastal - John Fiorito
Central / West - George Barrett



If you are interested in coaching in the Bay State Games, please visit click here for more information. 

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