6 vs 6 Field Hockey

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Registration Deadline



Girl's High School (Scholastic): 8th - entering 12th grade 
Women's Collegiate: graduated 12th grade - Junior year of college 
Women's Open: Seniors in college and older 
Men's Open: Age 15+

*All ages are as of the first day of competition, and grades are of the 2018-2019 academic year


  • Competition open to teams from all New England States & New York
  • Athletes may move up one division but may not move down a division 
  • There are no mixed gender teams. Athletes may only participate in one division and on only one team 
  • Goggles are required for all players in the High School division
  • Each team must have a minimum of six (6) and a maximum of eleven (11) players (5 players, 1 goalie, 5 substitutes)
  • Each team may have one coach 
  • Goalies must wear a helmet in all divisions 
  • Full set of rules can be found here

Free Agents

Players are allowed to register as individuals if they do not have a team to participate on. If there are enough free agents, a free agent team will be created. The Bay State Games will do everything possible to place players on a team. However, free agents are not guaranteed participation in the tournament. 

If you are interested in being a free agent or are a team in need to players to fill out your roster, please email info@baystategames.org


  • Each division is divided into pools
  • In each division pool winners advance to the championship round 
  • Team play round robin in their pool for a minimum of three games
  • All games are 25 minutes, running time
  • All athletes enter as a team; free agents may register through emailing info@baystategames.org
  • Bay State Games can adjust the format based upon the number of teams entered


A detailed schedule will be available once all teams have registered for the tournament. 

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