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The Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation is a non-profit organization with the primary function of organizing the Bay State Summer and Winter Games, as well as the Kids Fitness Challenge. The Bay State Summer Games attract more than 7,000 athletes from the state of Massachusetts, who compete in 26 different sports. The Bay State Winter Games are annually held in the Berkshire Region of Massachusetts and consist of the sports of figure skating, skiing, and ice hockey.

In addition to the Summer and Winter Games the Bay State Games also organizes the Kids Fitness Challenge. The Kids Fitness Challenge is a program offered to elementary and middle school students to raise the awareness about the importance of physical activity. Since its inception the Kids Fitness Challenge has had over 250,000 participants and has awarded over $27,000 in grants.

The Bay State Games also has many other programs that included the Futures Leaders Scholarship, High School Spirit Award, New Balance Sportsmanship Initiative, Sports Medicine Symposium, and the Bay State Games Hall of Fame.

Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation

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