Venue (tentative)
Mansfield Memorial Park 
111 Hope St.
Mansfield, MA 02048

Late Fee ( on or after June 16 2020): $10

Entry deadline

Friday, July 12, 2019. No on-site registration will be allowed the day of the event.

Divisions      (For Male & Female)

Bowman - Age 9 -12 (Will turn 12 yrs old in 2019)
Cub - Age 13 - 14 
(Will turn 14 yrs old in 2019)
Cadet - Age 15 - 17 (Will turn 17 yrs old in 2019)
Junior - Age 18 - 20 (Will turn 20 yrs old in 2019)
Senior / Open - Age 21 -49
Masters - Age 50+, Age 60+, Age 70+

Paralympic Division - All Ages


A full-time resident or full-time student at a school in one of the following states: Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut


All events are held outdoors regardless of weather. Athletes may only enter ONE event. Please enter your event codes & Division on your application.

Event Codes

AR01     Olympics Bow (Bowman, Cub, Cadet, Junior, Senior/Open, Masters)

                Recurve bow, pin or aperture sights, any stabilizer, finger release

AR02    FITA Compound Bow (Bowman, Cub, Cadet, Junior, Senior/Open, Masters)   

                 Compound bow, any sight, any stabilizer, any release

AR03    Compound Release Freestyle unlimited (Senior/ Open, Masters Only)

                 Compound bow, any sight, any stabilizer, MECHANICAL release

AR04    Compound Fingers Freestyle limited (Senior/ Open, Masters Only)

                Compound bow, any sight, any stabilizer, FINGERS release

AR05    Barebow(Bowman, Cub, Cadet, Junior, Senior/ Open, Masters Only)

                Compound, Longbow or recurve bow, no sights, no stabilizer, any arrow

AR06    Traditional(Senior/ Open, Masters )

                  Longbow, recurve, Crossbow, Wooden Shafts


GENERAL       The competition will be held over two days. There is no qualifier required.  Distances are

                              measured in meters (m) or yards(yd). Review the format below carefully. This event will

                              consist of the traditional FITA  Round, 144 arrows (72 each day) at a single distance. In every

                              division, 144 arrows will be shot. Ends will consist of 6 arrows with 4 minutes to shoot. Target

                              will be Archery multi-color, ten ring faces.  

                                          Recurve                                                                     Compound

AR01 & AR02    Master Men & Master Women -60m-122cm                      Master Men & Master Women -50m-80cm

                               Senior Men & Senior Women -70m-122cm                       Senior Men & Senior Women -50m-80cm  

                                      Junior Men & Junior Women -70m-122cm                       Junior Men & Junior Women -50m-80cm

                                      Cadet Men & Cadet Women -60m-122cm                         Cadet Men & Cadet Women -50m-80cm

                                      Cub Men & Cub Women -50m-122cm                                Cub Men & Cub Women -30m-80cm

                                      Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women -30m-122cm              Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women -25m-80cm

AR03 & AR04    NFAA style Field Targets 65 cm & 50 cm faces, 5 ring scoring, 36 arrows at each distance.

                                  Compound archers should select to shoot these divisions based on personal preference for

                                  the distances and target faces.

                              Male & Female          70yd, 60 yd, 50yd, 40 yd

AR05                   Bowman Male & Female - 30m - 122cm

                                Cub Male & Female- 50m - 122cm

                                Cadet , Junior, Senior, Masters(M&F) 50m - 122cm

AR06                   Bowman Distance (male & female) 50m- 122cm



  • A maximum bow weight of 60lbs for AR02 and 70lbs for AR03 & AR04.

  • USA Archery dress code applies for AR01, AR02, AR05, and AR06.

  • All athletes must supply their own bows, arrows and other related equipment.

  • U.S. Archery membership is NOT REQUIRED unless applying for a National or World Record.


Jack Aborn Memorial Scholarship

Jack Aborn served as a key member of the Bay State Games Archery committee since the sport was added to the Bay State Games in the early 1990’s. Jack was a dedicated supporter of the Bay State Games and a strong proponent of youth participation in Archery. The Bay State Games was deeply saddened by the passing of Jack Aborn in 2007. To honor Jack’s memory, his support of the Bay State Games, and his dedication to youth in sport, we have created the Bay State Games Archery Jack Aborn Memorial Scholarship.

To be eligible for the $250, Jack Aborn Memorial Scholarship, participants must be age 21 or younger and must be registered to participate in the Bay State Games Archery competition in the year they apply for the scholarship. The scholarship must be used for educational purposes including college or private school tuition, an educational class, books or school fees or other educational related expenses.

For an application, click on the following link.

Jack Aborn Memorial Scholarship Application

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