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Entry Fee

Both Players of a double and mixed doubles pair have to register and pay the entry fee separately.





Entry Deadline


Competition Highlights

  • Competition open to athletes from Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island
  • Addition of competitive division for D and E level players
  • Creation of additional Junior Division
  • Junior divisions limited to players with little or no tournament experience
  • Minimum competitor age lowered to age 8
  • New Tiered entry fee system for one, two or three events.
  • Competitor guaranteed two match minimum in each event entered 
  • Medals and award item presented to top three athletes in each event

Divisions (minimum age for all divisions is age 8  as of June 23, 2019)

Junior I* - Age 11 & under with little or no previous tournament experience

Junior II* -Age 15 & under with little or no previous tournament experience

Open A - Advanced

Open B/C - Intermediate 

Open D/E - Beginner (Little to no previous tournament experience)

Female Masters - 45 and over

Male Masters - 50 and over
*The Junior I and Junior II divisions are for beginners who have not entered previous tournaments or have very limited tournament experience. The intent of these divisions is to provide an opportunity for the novice player. The tournament director reserves the right to evaluate individual player qualifications for events entered and adjust them accordingly. Players who have tournament experience and are 18 & under should enter in the appropriate open division.


All athletes must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A full-time resident of Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island

  • A full-time student at a recognized academic institution in Massachusetts

  • A registered member of a badminton club in Massachusetts

    • If this is the only criteria an athlete meets to be eligible, he/she cannot also be a member of a non-Massachusetts badminton club


Junior I Singles (Boys & Girls Together)                              Open B/C Men Doubles

Junior I Doubles (Boys, Girls or Mixed)                               Open B/C Mixed Doubles

Junior II Girls Singles                                                                  Open D/E Women Singles 

Junior II Boys Singles                                                                  Open D/E Men Singles

Junior II Doubles (Boys, Girls or Mixed)                             Open D/E Women Doubles

Open A Women Singles                                                               Open D/E Men Doubles

Open A Men Singles                                                                      Open D/E Mixed Doubles

Open A Women Doubles                                                             Master Female 45 & Older Singles

Open A Men Doubles                                                                    Master Male 50 & Older Singles

Open A Mixed Doubles                                                                Master Female 45 & Older Doubles

Open B/C Women Singles                                                          Master Male 50 & Older Doubles   

Open B/C Men Singles                                                                 Master Mixed Doubles     

Open B/C Women Doubles                                                           


The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine/cancel divisions based on entries. Tournament director reserves the right to change a players division if he/she determines that a specific player’s experience/skill warrants.

  • The Bay State Games offers singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events

  • All players can enter a maximum of three events (one single event, one doubles event, one mixed doubles event). Athletes WILL NOT be allowed to enter two of any one event (singles, doubles, mixed doubles). This rule will be strictly enforced.

  • The tournament will be formatted so all players have at least two matches per event.

  • All matches will be best of three games to 21 points with rally-point scoring.

  • A player not ready to play within ten minutes after  match is called may be defaulted.

B/C and D/E Division Format

When there are more than 8 entries in Division B or D, the B/C and D/E dropdown format will be used. The first match of the day will determine the bracket you play in for the remainder of the competition. Winners of the first match will play in the upper bracket (B or D), the losers of the first match will play in the lower bracket (C or E) for the remainder of the competition. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in the B, C, D, and E brackets.


Tournament Director

Yvonne Chern
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