Saturday, July 28 & Sunday, July 29


Boston Fencing Club

100 Holton St. Brighton, MA


$40 for 1st event

$35 for the 2nd event

$35 for the 3rd event

Late Entry Fee (as of 06/01/2018):   $10

Registration is CLOSED

Competition Highlights 

  • All registered athletes will receive a Bay State Games T-Shirt when they check in.
  • The top three athletes in each event will receive the appropriate Bay State Games medal. 
  • All athletes that receive a medal will receive an athlete award gift.
  • Competiton is open to athletes from MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, and NY
  • The 2018 Fencing Competition will be sanctioned by U.S. Fencing


Junior: 19 and under (DOB 1995-2005)
Open: 13+ (DOB 2004 or earlier)
Veterans: 40+ (DOB 1978 or earlier)

*All ages as January 1, 2018

**Athletes can compete in more than one division, in the same discipline, if rules apply 


An athlete must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A full-time resident of MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, or NY

  • A full-time student of a Massachusetts academic institution
  • A registered member of a fencing club in Massachusetts. Athletes using the club membership for eligibility may not also be a member of a non-Massachusetts club. 

Event Codes 

For event codes please Click Here

Entry Deadline

All registrations must be submitted by July 15, 2018. No on site registrations will be accepted on the day of the tournament.

Finals Schedule

Saturday, July 28


8:30am Scholastic (U19) Men's Foil

8:30am Masters (Vet) Men’s Epee

8:30am Masters (Vet) Women’s Epee

9:00 am Scholastic (U19) Women's Epee

9:00 am Scholastic (U19) Women's Sabre

11:00 am Scholastic (U19) Men's Epee

11:00 am Scholastic (U19) Women's Foil

11:00 am Scholastic (U19) Men's Sabre

11:00 am Masters (Vet) Men’s Foil

11:00 am Masters (Vet) Women’s Foil

11:00 am Masters (Vet) Men’s Sabre

11:00 am Masters (Vet) Women’s Sabre


Sunday, July 29


8:30 am Open Men's Foil

9:00 am Open Women's Foil

9:30 am Open Women's Sabre

11:00 am Open Men's Epee

11:00 Am Open Women's Epee

11:00 am Open Men's Sabre

State Games of America

All medalists in this event will qualify for the State Games of America in 2019 at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

Meet Director 
David Sach/Linda Merritt

Email Linda


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