Future Leaders Scholarship




2017 Scholarship Winners

Emily Duffy            Belmont                    Belmont HS                                  Track & Field

Arienne Howard    Boston                      Fontbonne Academy                   Basketball

Shaelyn Carreiro    Fall River                 Durfee HS                                      Basketball

Sarah Widrow         Stoughton                Stoughton HS                               Soccer

Haley Moniz            Westfield                 Westfield HS                                 Softball

Katelyn Pickunka    Westhampton        Hampshire Regional HS            Basketball


Schools Selected by 2016 scholarship winners

Shannon Donahue         Scituate                 Scituate HS                             UMass Amherst

Abigail Glick                   Foxboro                 Lasalle Academy                    Boston University  

Samantha Orlando        Gloucester            Gloucester HS                         Boston University

Olivia Morrissey             Bedford                 Bedford HS                              Fordham University             

Rachel Record                 Townsend            North Middlesex Reg HS      UMass Lowell    

John Gove                         Leominster         Leominster HS                       Michigan State University   


The Future Leaders Scholarship aims to identify young men and women who will be tomorrow’s leaders. Each year the Bay State Games is proud to award these $2,000 scholarships to six deserving Bay State Games athletes. Over the past 25 years nearly $300,000 has been distributed to students who wish to continue their education.


Past recipients of the Future Leaders Scholarship have gone on to institutions located in New England as well as across the nation including Harvard, Stanford, Boston College, Notre Dame, Princeton, UMass Amherst, Yale, UCLA, Boston University, Holy Cross, Tufts, University of Virginia, Holy Cross and Providence College.

The Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation awards these scholarships because it believes the future leaders of tomorrow are developed during their high school years with a solid foundation built on academics, athletics and other interests as well as community service.  Achieving success in academics, athletics and community service teaches responsibility to self and to others, fosters a sense of self-worth, and develops an appreciation for the importance of setting goals and working to achieve them. If learned well, these lessons help make effective leaders in business, education, and the community. These values help to craft the leaders of tomorrow, and the Bay State Games hopes to help these leaders with the Futures Leaders Scholarship program.


Applicants must be:

  • A Junior (11th grade) who is a resident of Massachusetts, or attends a secondary school in Massachusetts, as of the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • Past or current participation in the Bay State Winter or Summer Games is required to apply for the Future Leaders Scholarship.

Application Process

Please do not staple any part of the application materials


The applicant must provide the following in one envelope:

  • Completed application form 
  • Personal statements typed on separate paper
  • Recommendation from a coach or athletic director in a sealed envelope
  • Recommendation from a guidance counselor, teacher, or principal in a sealed envelope
  • Official school transcript, including the first half of the 2017-2018 academic year       


  • Recommendations should be typed, one page in length, signed by author, and sealed in an envelope
  • Recommendations should address the applicant’s demonstrated leadership abilities and achievements. It should give a clear sense of what qualities make the applicant unique and deserving of the Future Leaders Scholarship


Scholarships will be awarded to six students, two from each of three regions of the state:

Region 1: Metro/Northeast      

Region 2: Southeast/Coastal      

Region 3: Central/West

Regions will be determined by the location of the student’s permanent residence.  If a student resides out-of-state, his/her region will be determined by the location of the educational institution that he/she attends. 

Region breakdowns and Town Codes can be found here.

The selection process will begin with a review of each applicant’s personal statements, written recommendations, and transcript. From each region, six finalists will be chosen for personal interviews.


The entry deadline is Wednesday June 6th, 2018

Finalists will be notified by June 13th and interviews will take place on the following dates

Region Date Location
Metro/Northeast June 20th TBA
Southeast/Coastal June 21st TBA
Central/West June 22nd TBA

All athletes must be available for the interview process. All candidates selected for interviews are strongly urged to attend in person. Athletes who cannot attend the scholarship interview must make themselves available for a teleconference call on the dates noted.


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