Jack Aborn Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to 2018 Jack Aborn Scholarship winner Rachel Green. Rachel is a multiple year Bay State Games medalist and has been ranked at the JOAD indoor and outdoor nationals. She is currently a freshman at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Jack Aborn served as a key member of the Bay State Games Archery committee since the sport was added to the Bay State Games in the early 1990’s. Jack was a dedicated worker and strong supporter of the Bay State Games. He also was a strong proponent of youth participation in sport especially the sport of Archery. The Bay State Games was deeply saddened by the passing of Jack Aborn in 2007. To honor Jack’s memory, his support of the Bay State Games, and his dedication to youth in sport, we have created the Bay State Games Archery Jack Aborn Memorial Scholarship.

To be eligible for the $250, Jack Aborn Memorial Scholarship, participants must be age 21 or younger and must participate in the Bay State Games Archery competition in the year that they apply. The scholarship must be used for educational purposes including college or private school tuition, an educational class, books or school fees or other educational related expenses.

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