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Solo Compulsories & Program, Pre Alpha - Delta

Confirmed sports information and a link to on-line registration for the 2018 Bay State Games ISI Figure Skating competition will be posted on this page in February or March of 2018. To receive an email when details and registration are available, please click on the link below to join our mailing list.


Saturday, July 14, 2018 


William Chase Arena - Natick, MA (Tentative)

Entry Fee


Entry Deadline



An athlete must meet at least ONE of the following guidelines:

  • A full-time resident of Massachusetts as of July 15, 2018
  • A full-time student at an academic institution in Massachusetts
  • A registered member of a figure skating club in Massachusetts
  • They are a resident of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont which do not have their own State Games organization or host a State Games Figure Skating competition

Updating Test Levels

Bay State Games can change the level of a registered participant until a date TBD. Athletes should register now at their current level. Once an athlete is registered, if they pass a test and move up a level, the athlete must contact the Bay State Games office at 781-932-6555 or via email at so we can update their registration and place them in the appropriate level. All levels will be determined at a later date. 


Athletes must be a minimum of age 5 by July 15, 2018 to be eligible. 


  • The Bay State Games Basic Skills Competition is intended to offer figure skating divisions and events not offered at the Bay State Winter Games Figure Skating event held in Williamstown, MA. Any division or event offered in the Winter Games is not included in the Summer Games Basic Skills competition.
  • Athletes may skate in only one level per event
  • Athletes may move up one level
  • Skaters may compete in a total of 2 events      
  • The following events will be offered:

Solo Compulsory

  • The following are the chosen maneuvers for the Solo Compulsory event. Maneuvers may be performed in any order in a “mini-program” without music. Additional maneuvers such as jumps, spins or gliding maneuvers from a test level or any un-captured moves, are not allowed. Half ice will be used for all levels. Judging will stopped after one minute.

    Note: there is no penalty for the quantity of swizzles, wiggles, strokes or crossovers

    performed in the Tot-Beta levels. Only the quality of these maneuvers is judged.

    Pre Alpha Forward Swizzles / 2-Foot Glide / Backward Wiggles

          Alpha Forward Stroking / Left over Right Forward Crossovers / 1-Foot Snowplow Stop 

          Beta Backward Stroking / Left over Right Backward Crossovers / Left T-Stop 

          Gamma RFI Mohawk Combo / LFI Mohawk Combo, / Hockey Stop 

          Delta RFI Three-turn / LFI Three turn / Bunny Hop

Solo Program

          Pre-Alpha – Delta

  • Skater performs a one minute program routine to music that emphasizes the required test level
  • Maneuvers from Pre-Alpha through Delta. Depending on each test level requirement, specific
  • Skating skills must be performed. All skaters must pass the Pre-Alpha through Delta test to compete in this event. Skaters must include one maneuver from Freestyle 1 in their program.


Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three athletes in each division and event/flight, regardless of the state in which the athlete resides. Any athlete that wins a gold, silver or bronze medal will receive a Bay State Games award gift.  Athletes that win more than one medal will receive only one award gift.

Top finishers in each division/event/flight will also receive an invitation to the 2019 State Games of America (SGA) figure skating competition in Lynchburg, Virginia at Liberty University. Invitations will be distributed to the top three finishers in each division/event/flight on a state-by-state basis. 

Coaches name & email address on application

Athletes must list their coaches name and email address on their application. YOU MUST LIST THE COACHES NAME AS HE OR SHE IS REGISTERED WITH ISI or USFSA. Please check for maiden or married names and verify the correct name with your coach before submitting your application.

State Games of America

All medalists in this event will qualify for the State Games of America in 2019 at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

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